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Roof Cleaning Eden was established in July 2014 to provide a high-pressure cleaning service to the Garden route.

Our core business is High-Pressure Cleaning of domestic and industrial roofs, walls and driveways. We also install Whirlybirds and specialise in revamping indoor fireplaces as well as painting and general Handyman work.

Recently we transformed the Fijnbos Village in Mosselbay by removing 12 years of residue from many roofs.

We take pride in our work and enjoy pleasing our customers.

Reasons to use Eden Roof Clean

  • Highest quality service
  • Well trained staff
  • Top of the range Roof Cleaning equipment
  • Pre and Post Roof Cleaning inspections with recommendations.
  • Great track record.
  • Guaranteed results.


Roof Cleaning is taking place along the garden route and surrounding areas such as Mossel Bay, George, Knysna, Sedgefield, Plettenburg Bay, and towns like Oudshoorn, Riversdale and Swellendam.


  • Algae roots penetrate roofs, creating a passage for water which algae need to multiply and grow. In South Africa, we have roofs made from all sorts of materials, wood, metal, clay or concrete tiles, etc. Moss and Algae accumulate on these roofs. More rainfall sustains a higher level of humidity, with more moss and algae growth. The growth is mostly more pronounced on the south-facing portions of roofs since they tend to stay wetter longer. Large trees that produce lots of shade on a roof can also foster the growth of moss and algae, which is evident in the George Knysna area. Morning dew and rainfall tend to evaporate slower on these surfaces because of the minimal amount of direct sunlight these roof surfaces receive. These factors weaken roofing material.
  • Moss is of grave concern as it absolutely can shorten the life span of untreated wood and asphalt roofing materials. The thick moss growth with its shallow root system keeps the roofing materials damp for extended periods of time, and this moisture promotes wood rot and can and does erode the asphalt.
  • Algae or moss are usually the main reasons for water leaks and ultimately can cause damage to rafters and ceilings.
  • Factory omissions create a layer on the roof and weaken the roof over a period of time and change the colour of the roof.
  • A clean roof improves the general appearance of a property tremendously and adds value to the property.
  • A roof with a fresh look usually expedites the selling of the property.


  • A pre-inspection is carried out of the area to be cleaned. A brief report is transmitted by SMS to clients reporting on potential leaks, broken or chipped tiles, problematic trees and areas to be aware of to prolong the lifespan of roofs.
  • During a high pressure clean, the roof gullies are also cleaned. We require access to water and, in some instances, to Eskom power for our staff to clean roofs.
  • In certain instances, water from the gutters is re-routed away from sensitive areas during a high-pressure roof clean to reduce pressure on plants or pave during the spraying process. Water flow is evaluated during this period to prevent damming up of water which might cause algae at places. 
  • We use electric and petrol high-pressure cleaners


Driveways from the window of any property, and it is important to have driveways high pressure cleaned once a year to keep the appearance of your property great as it complements the home.

We recommend the high-pressure cleaning of the driveways and, when required, the surrounding walls before selling a property as it adds value to the property. Well presented homes sell fast.

  • Driveway cleaning forms part of an important maintenance cycle of a home to extend the paving life as moss and algae retain water that eventually causes paving material to break down and show permanent marks.
  • Unwanted oil marks are removed as this spoils the image of a home.

Our high-pressure machines clean effectively, and driveways look like new afterwards.


Whirlybird Ventilators reduce heat from 70 degrees Celsius to as low as 20 degrees as it extracts the hot air trapped below the roof pitch.

We install Whirlybird Ventilators in homes, factories and offices.

During excessive heat, the warm air rises, and we reduce this factor by fitting Whirlybirds at strategic places on the roof. The net result was a cooler workplace and a reduced electricity bill when fans or air-conditioning were functioning. Productivity often improves in a cooler working environment, thus changing the bottom line of a company.


  • Lifetime guarantee.
  • Reduces energy bills.
  • Designed to handle winds up to 180km/h.
  • Permanently lubricated upper and lower bearings that ensure long life and no maintenance. The steady flow of air through ventilation clears out airborne contaminants and replenishes oxygen levels in the air, creating a fresh and healthy environment.


  • Most steel fireplaces rust after many years, and we specialise in fireplace revamping.

Our fireplace revamping department is growing fast.

We remove rust and paint the fireplace with heat - resistant paint.

A post-inspection reveals a “new look” fireplace.

Rusted wind indicators above chimneys are also replaced where required.

We replace broken or chipped tiles, problematic trees and seal chimneys to eliminate leaks. The repairs to roofs or chimneys are usually done promptly to minimise water damage to the ceilings.


Should a roof require new paint, it is strongly advised to have it cleaned with high-pressure equipment to prevent the paint from peeling off a few months later.

Should we be required to paint a roof, only durable paints are used, giving the roofs a longer paint life. Clients have a choice of durable roof paint colours to select from. Read more


We recommend the high-pressure cleaning of the external property and boundary walls every two years to remove dust and algae, and moss. Clean walls ensure that paint and brickwork last longer.

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