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Breaking news finally a product that nocks Algae and moss back several years! Yip you guessed right after your roof has been cleaned with a high pressure cleaner and ALGAE KNOCKOUT has been applied you should experience several years of Algae free roof. I spoke to a client who noticed that more than three years has passed since the application and his roof looks like it’s been cleaned yesterday.

After much experimenting by a number of knowledgeable people it has been categorically found that ALGAE KNOCKOUT produces longer lasting results than other products on the market.

Algae Knockout By Roof Clean Eden

Doesn’t delay give us a call to get your application of ALGAE KNOCKOUT which will save you cleaning roofs over the next few years.

After an application by us ROOFCLEAN EDEN will guarantee that you will have no Algae for two years and will spray your roof at our cost if we are wrong.

ALGAE KNOCKOUT works extremely well on concrete or clay tiles and is eco friendly for water tanks on the property.

ALGAE KNOCKOUT is essential for damp areas such as George, Knysna, Plettenburg bay, Wynberg and Southern Suburbs.

But remember effective high pressure clean ads to long lasting results. We apply ALGAE KNOCKOUT after a HP spray and found that if applied a year after HP sprays it still nocks Algae back.

ALGAE KNOCK OUT is applied in the same manner as we do HP spray which is from the top down. This is in order to ensure maximum penetration, as we never spray up in order to eliminate damage to ceilings.

Our community mission is to rid towns from Algae and to beatify our area.

Complexes like Golf estates are excited about the new product which will soon become a household name.

Not convinced? Put ROOFCLEAN EDEN to the test! We have the best high pressure cleaners and experiences staff at your disposal.

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