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High pressure roof cleaning should ideally be followed up with an Algae treatment. Algae establish it in the nooks and crannies of a roof and given the correct temperature and rain can grow again from a very tiny piece.

We have found it effective to follow up a good high pressure roof cleaning operation within a few days with Algae treatment. One eco friendly product on the market in South Africa is Algae Kleen. It is totally harmless to the environment and is applied via a knap sack sprayer. The best way to apply the chemical is to spray from the top of the roof down with sufficient application at the end of roof tiles.

Algae Treatment After High Pressure Cleaning Of Roofs

This treatment kills the remaining Algae which buys the home owner a number of additional Algae few years.

An inexpensive coarse salt treatment a year or two after a high pressure spray also helps to knock Algae back. Simply place coarse salt in a plastic bucket and make it fine by using the back of a pick handle or similar object. The salt is then placed on the shady side of the roof where Algae will normally grow. The salt will wash down with the first rain and start working on any new growth.

Whilst water tanks that is connected to the gutters should ideally be disconnected during the high pressure spraying operation as well as a few days after the application of an Algae clean operation. This will ensure that little foreign objects appear in your water tanks.

Roof Cleaning and Painting

The importance of roof cleaning and painting is very underestimated by many home owners. Howes with years of built up algae must first be properly cleaned and treated for algae before the roof painting process. In fact most of the better quality roof paints will have algae inhibitors in the paint in any event. This will give your roof years of maintenance free saving. Roof Painting and roof cleaning is our speciality.



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