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One often comes across properties that have damp walls. Either internally or externally and there is always a reason why a wall shows dampness. The very first thing is to go through a diagnostic process and identify the problem or cause for the dampness. The thing is water always finds the easiest path which also might not be the shortest route necessary.

Restoring Damp Walls

Dampness inside a home can normally be narrowed down to a shower area that does not have damp seal under tiles. Or a kitchen tap that is leaking underneath or a valley on top of a roof where tiles are broken is usually causing a blockage. In older properties it can also be a burst water pipe in a wall.

In the garden it ranges from a blocked drain to flower beds that has no drainage holes in the bedding walls or obstruction of the natural flow of the water. Water dams up which causes rising damp into the walls. Feature walls that do not have the correct foundation shifts which cause the wall to crack and allow water into the wall. In such instances its best to first underpin the wall to eliminate the source of the problem before treating the wall with damp seal and sealing it again.

The next step is to work on the damp area and where possible remove all damp cement. This must be after a possible blockage has been eliminated. When you chip cement its around a crack it is more effective if you chip the plaster at an angle. It should look like a V. That way the cement sticks a bit better. When applying damp seal always ensure that the surface, to be treated, is dry in order to get lasting results.

Allow sufficient time to dry before painting the area. It is best to use good quality paint like Dulux or Plascon.

Roof Cleaning and Painting by Roof Clean Eden

If you have any damp wall related problems give us a roof clean George or Mossel Bay a call. We clean roofs with Algae as well as walls and drive ways. Our high pressure washer is petrol driven.  And we will turn your old roof into its original colour.  Roof Clean Eden also paint roofs and walls.

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