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It is unwise to take a short term view on painting by doing the minimum or nothing to ensure that you’re newly painted walls will last the duration of the paint guarantee. Proper preparation of surfaces is essential. Roof painting can be a disaster when the services of unqualified painters attack this application. Good quality roof paint is not cheap make sure that you use the services of professional roof painting companies.

Professional Roof Painting

Most professional roof painting companies will guarantee their work. Remember to buy roof paint that has a guarantee. One should read the fine print as the guarantee is as good as the preparation and painting that took place. A newly built concrete wall requires a proper under coat whilst an old existing wall will require a high pressure cleaning and proper sealing of the areas where the paint has peeled off.

Preparation By Professional Roof Painting Contractors

Before painting the area to be painted must be cleaned properly, ideally with high pressure water cleaner. A proper high pressure roof cleaning machine must be used. As a roof that is painted before proper cleaning is a waste of money.

All cracks need to be cleaned out and opened up, with a scraper, before sealing with material such as Rock set (small cracks) or cement for large cracks. Allow sufficient time for the treated area to dry out properly. This could take up to a day depending on heat and climate. Professional roof painting contractors will ensure the roof is treated properly before painting.

After that an undercoat need to be applied to poor areas or where the concrete shows.

I have noticed that a number of high end properties on golf Estates have been compromised and the home owner end up painting walls year after year.

Before painting walls witch has green Algae one should clean the walls and remove all Algae in order to get maximum mileage out of one’s paint. This can be done chemically or with hi pressure spraying.

Your assets

Protecting ones asset by regular maintenance will prolong the life of the property and keep it marketable should it be necessary to sell the property in future.

Driveways are often neglected and can spoil the appearance of a property.

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