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Roof Painting

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Roof Painting after having the roof cleaned is always an advantage as this will keep the roof neat and tidy for many years. At Roof Clean we only use the best Roof Paints Dulux Roof Paint as well as Plascon Roof Paints have the best warranty and will last for many years.

Benefits of Roof Painting

Roof Painting will enhance the look of your home and increase the resale value. 

Roof Painting will also in many cases help by sealing small cracks in tiles or asbestos sheets. This will help reduce roof leaks at times.

Good quality roof paints like Dulux Paint have very good warranties and will give your roof a good look for many years.

How to get the best out of Roof Painting

The preparation for painting is very important as this will effect the life of the paint on the roof. Firstly High Pressure Cleaning the Roof properly is very important. The first coat of Roof Paint must be watered down so that the paint can easily be absorbed into the tiles or Asbestos sheeting etc.

We prefer using 3 coats of Roof Paint when doing Roof Painting. This gives the paint a good foundation as the first coat is watered down so that it can absorb into the roofing.

We at Roof Clean will do both brush on painting as well as spray on Roof Painting. We use whatever method is best for the specific application at the time.

Always be sure that your roof is cleaned by a professional and that all Roof Algae is removed.

Wall Painting

Boundary wall painting and walls in general must also be properly cleaned with the High Pressure Cleaning machine. In fact many painted walls can have old paint blasted off with the machine. Note that this is not possible on all walls as paint can be impregnated into the concrete at times. Once the walls are cleaned all standard painting preparation can start.

High Pressure Cleaning and Algae removal are important aspects to take into account before painting the roof . As mentioned this will be a important factor before painting. Read More

Roof Painting
Roof Painting

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